Five Roses

It is the first rosé wine bottled and sold in Italy. It was 1943. Ninety per cent of Negroamaro and ten per cent of Black Malvasia.

In its name the echo of a quarter in Salice Salentino’s fief, “ Five Roses” , but also the tradition, nearly legend, connected to the fact that every Leone de Castris got five children for many generations.Nearly over the end of the Second World War, general Charles Poletti, responsible for allies’ procurements, asked for a huge provision of rosé wine. An Italian wine, but with an American name. This is how Five Roses was born.

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Obtained mainly from Negroamaro grapes, it conquests at first sight with the characteristic crystalline cherry-red colour and enchants with fruity scents of cherry and strawberry. In the mouth it is fresh, smooth and nicely persistent.

Five Roses has been rewarded by Bibenda with the Oscar as the best italian rosé wine in 2005 (vintage 2003) and in 2013 (vintage 2011). The vintage 2006, 63° Anniversary, has received Three Roses (the same as Three Glasses) from Gambero Rosso . Anniversary is different from traditional Five Roses, both in taste and in market positioning, with its Eighty percent of Negroamaro (against 90% that usually marks the traditional version) and Twenty per cent of Malvasia (instead of 10). An extremely special product, born in 1993 to celebrate the 50° year from the birth of Five Roses and the consequent choice of the oldest vineyards for its production. A wine, as Piernicola Leone de Castris describes it “still more complex, with a higher alcoholic content”, being distributed only in restaurants and wine-shops.

“Five Roses of Negroamaro”, a novel to drink telling the story of Leone de Castris’ “Five Roses”.
The book tells the story of Leone de Castris memorable label, the well known “Five Roses”.
A hundred thousand of copies printed to be offered as a gift to Five Roses lovers.

A fascinating story in which a businessman with an exceptional temperament, the lawyer Don Piero, the now director’s grandfather, managed to take the best of the innumerable and tragic difficulties of producing good quality wine during some of the worst pages of Italian history, 8th September Armistice. In a taken Apulia, at the end of ’43, among bombings, omnipotent generals and the Exchange closed, the protagonist was able to produce an excellent and innovative wine for a new generation of consumers, creating the bases for after war export improvements. The story, getting till today through three generations, proceeds like a novel to be tasted and drunk that keeps the reader’s attention alive while telling of vineyards and wines.

The ‘Five Roses Club’ wine bar is open since the 28th of June 2014 and it is situated on front of the Winery in Salice Salentino. With his simple and elegant design, this cosy place is born to add a value to the Company, proposign a location that combine past and present where the wine lovers can taste the wines and other high quality products from Apulia.

The new wine bar is dedicated to the first rosé to be bottled in Italy that brought the Salento around the world. To celebrate the 70 vintages of this fascinating wine, we create the ‘Five Roses Club 1943’. The project is born to tell about the ‘rosé’ wine trough his lovers and to exchange opinions and passion between all fans of ‘Five Roses’ family.