Our selection of rosé wine is now enriched by the last born“Villa Santera Rosato” obtained by 100% Primitivo grapes. Generally this grapes is used to obtain rich and lasting wines where smoothness and opulence are the main features. Apparently these characteristics are very far away from the idea of rosé wine, but all depends from the vineyard management .
The Primitivo grapes is described by strong hints of berries that, in the case of red wines, turn into  mature fruits and jam aroma. If this kind of grapes are  harvested between the second and the third decade of August, before that the process of dehydratation starts, we can obtain rosé wines with fruity and fresh marks, highlighted by rosé vinification,  very typical of this kind of grapes. The result will be a real fresh-squeezed juice of primitivo, without any effects of oak or drying process.


GRAPE: Primitivo 100%
PRODUCTION AREA: Salice Salentino
TRAINING SYSTEM: cordon spur with  5000 vinestocks per ha
SOIL: medimum-textured
YIELD PER  HA: 9 tonnes
HARVEST: second/third decade of August
VINIFICATION: after a soft pressing the grapes are submitted to a particular maceration ( 8-10° C) for a short time. Then the must is left to decant for 24 hours. It follow the cleaning and fermantation at 14-16-°C for about 20 days. Before bottling it is doing a short refinement in the steel tanks.
ALCOHOL: 12,5%