Drink Italian and Live La Dolce Vita

Rosso Restaurant 1

.. If that’s not our personal mantra then I think it should be. The Italians are known for many things; fast cars, great food, better lovers but most importantly exceptional vino. Whether a robust red, a crisp white or refreshing rosé they really know how to do it all. On Tuesday night I was lucky enough to to be wine and dined, pun intended, by none other than Rosso Restaurant and Eurowines.

Seated on the candle lit balcony of the restaurant we were greeted by Neil Collins of Eurowines and Giuseppe, Rosso’s very own wine connoisseur. Awaiting us on the table were antipasto fit for a true Italian, being of Italian descent I felt right at home. Fresh bread, olives, a little oil and balsamic vinegar.
The tasting began with a brief introduction of Eurowines and its history before getting us to experience six distinctly different wines; one blush, two whites and three reds. Oh yes, I was in heaven.
Before Rosso Restaurants rolls out its new wines for the upcoming season, Neil and Giuseppe taught us how to obtain the true taste of the wine along with the correct pairing of each.
Fives Roses Wine
With its origin of Puglia, Italy this rosé is mainly obtained from the Negroamaro grapes, it has a deep pink colouring with fruity notes of cherry and strawberry. It has a very crisp, refreshing but not to sweet character which would thoroughly be enjoyed on a warm day with a light pasta dish in a cream sauce or a rosé sauce, go figure.