Ottavianello is an ancient grape variety from Puglia. Its origins are uncertain: it seems likely that it was imported to San Vito dei Normanni in the Brindisi province by the Marquis of Bugnano from the town of Ottaviano near Naples. Hence the name Ottavianello. Cultivation of Ottavianello has been increasingly abandoned in recent decades by viticulturists in Puglia. Aware of the great potential of this grape variety, we decided to make the most of it by using Ottavianello grapes to produce one of our leading reds. Ottavianello is characterised by its abundant productivity. Bountiful productivity, the balance of which must be maintained in order to produce wines of a refined quality. The wine obtained from this noble grape variety is characterised by its rather pale ruby red colour, aromas of bottled sour cherries and floral notes of violet, and its pleasant, balanced taste.