Verdeca is  the main white grapes in Apulia. The origins are not sure but probably it has been imported from Greece, like most of the Apulian local grapes. Genetically it should show some affinity with the Portuguese grapes ‘Alvarinho’ from ‘Vinho Verde’ area. The name is coming from the colour of the grapes which is green (‘verde’ in Italian). This is the reason why also in the wine you can find the green reflex. The grapes are medium size with oval shape and hoarfrosted skin. The maturation of the grapes is between September and October. Verdeca prefer the soil not so deep. Up to few years ago the ‘Verdeca’ grapes were used to mix with other grapes or in the sweet wines or vermouth production. Verdeca grapes express themselves with the characteristic straw yellow and greenish highlights. The main characteristic of this variety is the capacity to keep a good acidity during the maturation even if the climate is warm and without any temperature excursion. The nose has interesting hints of wild flowers together with citrus fruits as bergamot and exotic as pineapple. It has a fresh taste, sapid and nicely persistent.