Susumaniello is one of the indigenous grape varieties that has returned to favour in recent years, thanks to the interest of organisations, institutes and groups of producers (including our company, which is a partner in the Vinum Loci project).

Susumaniello is a grape variety that probably comes from the Dalmatia region, and it owes its name to the fact that it is particularly productive at a young age, meaning that its shoots are loaded like a “somaro” [donkey].

Until approximately twenty years ago, Susumaniello was reasonably common in the province of Brindisi, but two factors led to its definitive disappearance in recent years. The main reason is closely linked to the drastic drop in productivity levels typical of the mature phase of this grape variety – after about 10 years.

The second, instead, relates to the progressive downturn in demand for sweet filtered products, which was the primary use of these grapes in the past.

Experiments have recently been performed to produce a monovarietal from this grape, which seem to have delivered positive results, while Susumaniello has proven to be perfectly compatible with Negroamaro in blends. The wine produced has a very full-bodied and robust structure and a deep ruby colour; the aromas emerge fully after being left to breathe for a long period, giving way to a complex and varied bouquet. The sensation on the palate is one of great depth on initial impact, but it loses its more acute notes over time, giving way to more delicate, lingering notes.