Malvasia Bianca


Malvasia is a variety that belongs to a very large and heterogeneous family, and as such it is widespread across the country, though in many cases the different types only really resemble each other in name.

The element that most frequently differentiates them is their aromatic profile; indeed Malvasia includes particularly aromatic versions such as Candia, and those that are less intense from an aromatic perspective, but more full-bodied and richer in flavour, such as those found in the Salento area.

It is presumed that the name Malvasia originates from the Greek city “Monemvasia” in the Peloponnese region, the name of which means “port with only one entrance”. The term Malvasia seems to have been coined, through assonance, by the Venetians who sold this esteemed wine from the Peloponnese region.

For far too long Malvasia Bianca was regarded as a grape that was only suitable for producing young white wines. Research carried out by our company, however, has shown that the levels of catechins found in this grape variety make it suitable for bottle ageing for up to a number of years. Donna Lisa Bianco “Malvasia” is the product of such experience, and seeks to further consolidate our connection with the Salento area.