Of unknown origin, the Negroamaro grape may have originally grown on the coasts of Puglia, or may have been brought here by the Greeks. Today they are most commonly found in the Lecce and Brindisi provinces. Various theories have been proposed regarding the etymological meaning of the name. Some believe that it originates from the dark colour of the resulting wines and their characteristic slightly bitter taste, but the more persuasive hypothesis suggests that the term Negroamaro derives from the words “niger” (Latin) and “maru” (Ancient Greek) both of which mean “black”. These grapes produce a wine with an impenetrable ruby red colour; the aroma is intense and spicy with a hint of cherry and red fruit jam and a characteristically bitter taste.
The significance of the Negroamaro grape variety is attested to by the fact that the Puglia DOC group (such as Salice Salentino Doc) to which it belongs has by now gained firm recognition.