Leone de Castris

Winemakers from 1665

The history of Leone de Castris runs parallel to that of wine in Puglia since, for over three centuries, the strength and pride of the nobility of its tradition has been released from every sip of its wine. In 1665 Oronzo Arcangelo of the Counts of Lemos, founded the cellar where it is still today, in Salice Salentino. It is right around the small village of Salice that large estates are created where mainly vineyards and olive trees are planted.

A project of excellence

I learnt, altought he wasn’t teaching me, that behaving correctly and honestly is a big proof of power and that just weak people resort to the arrogance of their role, census or richness.
(Adolfo Maffei, biographer of Salvatore Leone de Castris)

The first rosé from 1943

It is the first rosé wine bottled and sold in Italy. It was 1943.

 50° vendemmia Salice Salentino Doc Riserva

Our creation, a work of art made of a thousand unique pieces, will honour, I am sure, the people who work with sacrifice and commitment to develop the potential of the autochthonous vine Negroamaro.
(Piernicola Leone de Castris)

Wine excellence in a bottle

We live to produce fine wines that enrich taste & soul


Leone De Castris


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